ALPS has played a vital role in not just shaping up my aviation career, but also instilled the required professional outlook towards the industry. At ALPS learning is not something it you have to try, it comes to you naturally. All the instructors ALPS make sure they bring out the best in you and aid you in maximising your potential.

Hemal | First Officer with Go Air

Instructors at ALPS are excellent in their field and are really very friendly. It has an amazing Atmosphere of Aviation in their institute. Infrastructure at ALPS is excellent. ALPS has helped me to get a job in an Airline.

Pravin | First Officer with IndiGo

ALPS is very well planned and organised with assured results to aspiring candidates. Speed and efficiency is one of the reasons I would like to come back to this academy. It’s the best in Mumbai to provide right guidance to civil aviation preparation.

Ojas | IndiGo Cadet

ALPS provided me with the perfect guidance & atmosphere to clear my ATPL exams as well as provided me the right guidance to get selected in an airline. The staff is helpful & friendly

Ashish - First Officer with IndiGo

Let me start of with, it was a wise decision for me to join Alps! By the help of their lovely psychologist Shreya,who took genuine interest in my personal growth, and communication and who kept pushing me forward .Abhishek who made me thorough in my tech knowledge, and was my guide through his experience! Their guidance and support gave me a sense of self belief, and made me exapand my horizon! I shall always be grateful and remember this through out my aviation journey. Thank you guys for always being there! God bless!


I was out of touch from studies for sometime due to different job profiles. Joining Alps was a good decision. The classroom sessions and tests got me back on track. I had cleared many exams and finally got through one

Saurabh M

Shreya Mam helped me a lot in framing my thoughts into appropriate sentences on many tricky questions asked in interviews which is the most important part so that I could make the right impression. She cleared all my silly doubts too. Helped me understand the atmosphere of an interview.
Abhishek sir taught me all the technical concepts with his own experiences and made learning really fun and interesting which helped in better understanding. Prepared me for technical questions which made me confident enough to answer it in easy language.

Shreyas Palve | Indigo Cadet

After our CPL, we started searching for Airline prep classes online and got the suggestion of ALPS. We came for inquiry & were happy with the professionalism once we spoke with all the instructors. Because it had been a while since we studied for CPL & back then we had studied for the subjects on our own, so, our theory & concepts were not very clear; but our instructors assured me that they will teach us from scratch. We were taught by Pankaj sir, Abhishek sir, Shreya ma’am & Juhi ma’am. They made sure that all our concepts & doubts were solved. They also solved our doubts on phone & helped us when we were not present in the class.
When SpiceJet came out with their vacancy with a short duration to prepare for, our instructors made a special batch & took extra classes to help us out.
We even took a few classes for CASS & COMPASS taught to me by Shreya ma’am. She even helped us out for Psychometry.
Extra classes were also taken to prepare us for the interview. Question banks were given & mock interviews were done which prepared us thoroughly for the process & we successfully cleared the SpiceJet induction!

Parizad & Persis V

It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my Cabin crew and Personality Development from Airline prep school. The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. Time spent over here has helped me to grow better professionally & personally. I would like to thank all the faculties and staff for making me a “Better Person” and Special Thanks to Priyanka Maam Shreya Ma’am for making me achieve my dream.

Nikita Birla | Cabin crew with Indigo

ALPS is a great institution. The staff and instructors are always helpful and are looking out for you. The atmosphere is great. They really help each student to reach their potential and achieve their goals. The instructors have a great method of teaching which makes every class interesting and informative. They are always available to clear all doubts and queries. The standards set by ALPS are really high , which always make me feel well supported. I am glad to be a part of this institute.

Yash G | Jet Airways Cadet

I express immense gratitude to Alps institute for the superlative training they offered in Mumbai for Indigo selection process.
I would specify Ms Shreya, one of the best instructors I’ve come across till date. She groomed and equipped me well for the Psychometry, HR, Gd and interview rounds. Confidence building was at its best with her. Also, Abhishek being one of the best guys with excellent knowledge in technicals, definitely helped me get my content right. I would like to give their due credits in my selection with Indigo.

Ragesh Nair | First Officer with Indigo

I think the best word that describes ALPs is excellence, from the moment I came to ask for information. With an amazing staff, ALPs provide not only really interactive and high quality classes with well prepared teachers. They have given me the best experience of my life. They made learning a pleasure and I always looked forward to the next class. The teachers taught me good etiquette and helped me come out of my comfort zone. The past four months have just been amazing with me and the students making a great progress in the field of aviation.Lastly I would like to thank shreya ma’am and Abhishek sir as without them , this journey would’ve not been possible

Dhananjay Sangekar | IndiGo Cadet

Aaron’s review – I underwent classes at alps to help me prepare for CASS. No doubt it is the best place I could’ve gone for the right practice . Thanks to everyone at ALPS , Shreya especially and their genuine willingness to help.

Aaron G | First Officer with GoAir

I had the privilege of attending classes at ALPS for my CASS preparation . It was a wonderful experience. They have the right kind of equipment and guidance to help in learning. The CASS instructor Shreya was of great help not only for the CASS but also for the psychometry and HR interview questions. A big thanks to everyone at ALPS.

Amanda G | First Officer with IndiGo