Flying an airplane and touching the sky is the dream of many. It is one of the most enjoyable and beautiful experiences for those who want to become a pilot. But for that dream to come true, choosing the right flying school that caters to all your needs is the most important part. With so many commercial pilot training schools out there, how do you find the right one for you? Fret not. We are here to help you with everything you’ll need to become a pilot and make your dream come true.

1. DGCA approved training and curriculum


For the Indian students who wish to fly with Indian airlines, we have tie-ups with flying schools in the USA, Canada & New Zealand which train you in accordance with DGCA requirements. After successful completion of the flying school program, with all the necessary FAA ratings and required DGCA flight hours, you will be able to convert your licenses and ratings upon return to India. We help our students to get the most of the flying schools (even abroad) so that they don’t face any difficulty in getting a job in Indian airlines as a pilot.

2. School feedback, reviews & reliability


Before joining any flying school, it is important to check the school’s reputation. While doing so, the focus should be on the flight instructors and the reviews from the previous students. Nowadays there are many flying schools with fake promises and it is easier to fall in such a trap. With our help, you don’t have to go through this hassle and we will guide you to reach your goal.

3. The student to aircraft ratio


In today’s world, when technology has touched the sky, it’s important to look for a modern fleet of training aircraft with similar systems which are found in modern commercial airliners. Considering this, it is equally important to check for the student to aircraft ratio. Because this plays a huge role in better understanding and getting hands-on & adequate training for you to achieve your goal. Most of the time, despite paying exorbitant fees, students don’t get proper training and they fail to achieve what they have signed up for. Well, with our tie-ups with the flying schools in India & abroad, we help the students to get into the best flying schools so that you become one of the best future pilots.

4. Economic and inclusive package


Above everything else, you should take note of the cost. Check whether the package covers all the extra costs like food & accommodation, landing fees, etc. We do provide students the most economic and all-inclusive package so that you don’t shell out extra money and know the entire cost beforehand.

5. Transparency of charges – no hidden fees


We work for the betterment of our students and to help them in any possible ways. Many times, a situation arises when you’re initially told a certain cost which seems to be quite less than others. But in most such cases, you become a victim of hidden costs. We have a straight-up policy of providing the exact cost and all the required information so that it becomes convenient for the students to plan accordingly.

If you have completed your papers or you wish to do your flying first, call us on 09222111042 or 09222111043 and we will be happy to guide you and become your companion in your journey of becoming the best airline pilot.

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