Course Duration – 8 Days

What Is Psychometry Testing and Why Is It Important?

Psychometric tests are a method of measuring individual’s mental capabilities & behavioral style. In simple terms, they give us a measure of how you think, behave & react under the given conditions. As a part of the pilot selection process, psychometry exams play a very crucial role in assessing the mental health, personality characteristics & behavioral attributes of candidates. We cover concepts, personality tests and towards the end, we give a specialized report with one to one discussion and suggestions.

  • Pilot stress tolerance ( Anxiety test)
  • Reacting alertness & decision making
  • Ability to work in a team
  • General intelligence
  • Personality deciphering & development etc.

Our Students who cleared Psychometric exams for various Airlines

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Psychometric Test Preparation Course
Airline Prep School is a premier aviation institute set up in Mumbai with the sole purpose of providing superior and professional training to fellow aspiring pilots and cabin crew. We have a faculty of proficient instructors, experienced Airline Pilots, CPL holders, and cabin crew instructors to impart the very best training in the aviation field.Come to joint ALPS and let us help you attain your wings.India is a vast, diverse economy with a huge potential for growth in every sector especially the air travel industry. We as a country are primarily still a population driven economy, with a vast population of 1.3 billion people, the need for efficient and fast transportation is the need of the hour. The way airlines like Jet Airways, Air-India, Indigo, Go air and budding new airlines have expanded in a short time span of 5-10 years is a testimony to this.With the make in India Policy of the Indian Government, the present civil aviation ministry is committed to opening new airports in tier II, tier III cities and increase the capacity of the existing airports.

The U.S, Chinese Carriers have presently more than 3,000 commercial aircraft each that ferry close to 2,000 million people annually. India which has an even larger population currently has a fleet of only approximately 400 commercial aircraft. Boeing &Airbus the two largest commercial Jet manufacturers estimate that India will require more than 1000 aircraft in the next 10 years. This would require a huge amount of trained human personnel such as Pilot’s and Cabin Crew both of which are a backbone to any airline.

We at ALPS envision to train you to be the best Pilot’s and Cabin Crew by jump starting your career with our enormous experience in the aviation industry. Come and join this opportunity to fly the high skies.