Wouldn’t you just love the idea of working in an industry that defies gravity and gives access to people so that they can literally put the wind beneath their wings? Well, an aviation industry opens door to a range of exclusive career paths and as the global economy increases at a fast pace, the aviation industry is turning out to be the fastest growing sector. With commercial airlines carrying more than four billion passengers yearly and generating a global revenue of more than 500 billion each year, it’s not difficult to say that this profession will be the “Next Big Thing”. So,if flying has always been your dream, then its time to fuel your passion to turn this ever-longing dream into reality. So, fasten your seatbelts, because your career is about to take-off.


1. Demand and Career Opportunities as a Pilot

Do you know that there’s a pilot shortage projected over the next 20 years?So, if you ever dreamt of becoming a Pilot, NOW is the time! According to the latest reports from Boeing, the aviation industry shows an astounding demand of more than 637,000 pilots by 2036. As the demand for pilots increases, you are guaranteed to not only get a stable job but incredible career opportunities.


2. Travel the world

Could you possibly find a job where you don’t go every day to the same old desk facing the same four walls? Yes, you get paid to travel and the amount of travel opportunities in Pilot career is insane. Imagine, waking up in a different country altogether. Pilots and Flight attendants (Cabin Crew) can visit as many as 7 cities across different continents in one 5 days shift! Considering these statistics, it’s time to set your career in flight mode!


3. Meet New People Around the World

The best part about this job is the fact that you meet new people on a daily basis. You aren’t stuck with the same people in the company, as the aviation industry is quite dynamic in nature, you get an opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds and countries which help you understand different culture, languages, and cuisines! Also, having friends across continents is always a good idea.


4. Challenging Work Environment

Are you happy doing the same kind of work every single day? Don’t challenges excite you? Well, to go away from the mundanity of life, challenging self is and coming out as a better person is always good. So, if you think that a challenging environment pushes you to do better, then you are meant to take up Pilot as a career.


5. Financially Rewarding

Pilots have the potential to earn really good salaries as their careers advance. As the aviation industry grows 5% year after year, as more people chose to fly and prefer planes as their mode of transportation, it is also considered as one of the safest and fastest mode as far as there’s a demand to fly. Well, a month’s salary can feel like an annual income (this is true for most of the other jobs in different fields).


There are so many of you whose lifelong dream has been to become a pilot. Imagine dreaming about flying a plane since childhood and finally flying your first solo flight, it could be the most satisfying experience of your lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? Give a flying start to your career and always fly high.

We, at Airline Prep School, take care of your dream and turn it into reality. With best in class infrastructure and faculty, you’re always in good hands and a step closer to make your dream come true.

If flying runs in your blood, then what are you waiting for? Cause if flying is something you always wanted then the sky is the limit for your soaring career. Enrol in our Pilot Training Program and fly high.

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